The End of the Global Maritime Fulcrum? Defense and Foreign Policy in the Second Jokowi Administration

Dr. Evan A. Laksmana
25 February 2020

Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo first came into power in 2014 seeking to transform the country into the “Global Maritime Fulcrum”.  The vision promised to elevate Indonesia as the geostrategic anchor of between the Pacific and Indian Oceans – and the thus the broader Indo-Pacific. Has Jokowi continue to pursue his grand strategic vision since he began his second term on 20 October 2019? How was Jokowi’s new cabinet structure an shape Indonesia’s defense and foreign policy? How effective is Indonesia’s approach to managing maritime crises with China? Can Indonesia balance the US-China strategic competition? The presentation seeks to answer these questions by examining the personal, bureaucratic, and domestic political contestations surrounding the new cabinet structure. It argues that the Global Maritime Fulcrum will no longer be Indonesia’s grand strategy and that the country’s defence and foreign policy will continue to be under-whelming.

About the Speaker: Dr. Evan A. Laksmana 

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