The East Asian International Relations (EAIR) Caucus is a network of Malaysia-based researchers who share an interest in studying scholarly and policy issues related to contemporary inter-state interactions in Southeast and Northeast Asia. Functioning as a meeting-of-minds platform, the Caucus serves as a host for conducting professional exchanges, a hub for connecting researchers and policy practitioners, and a home for cultivating the next generation of IR and area specialists in Malaysia. Caucus members include academics and experts from universities and think-tanks in Malaysia and around the world. Since its creation in August 2014, the Caucus has undertaken an array of activities to foster its triple goals of exchange, engagement, and empowerment. These activities include a forum series featuring world-renowned researchers, a roundtable series bridging scholarly and policy perspectives, research projects and policy studies commissioned by government agencies and institutional partners, as well as international workshops and symposiums with prestigious institutes around the globe.