Dr. HOO Chiew Ping

Senior Lecturer, Strategic Studies and International Relations Programme
Politics and Security Research Centre, National University of Malaysia (UKM)

My main research focus is on ROK-US policy towards North Korea and North Korean provocations. I am also delivering guest lectures on Korean security issues and North Korea’s nuclear problem for the Malaysian Armed Forces Defense College (MPAT) and National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) respectively. Current side projects include water security in Mekong River Basin and Southeast Asian IR Theory. Since January 2016 I am an Adjunct Lecturer at MPAT, Ministry of Defense, Malaysia; and also Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR), Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (since 2015/2016 Spring Semester). I handle courses on Asia-Pacific’s Security Issues; Globalization and Regionalization; Contemporary International Relations; and Comparative Defence and Foreign Policy, teaching comparative regionalism, security studies, policy analysis, and country case studies.

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Academic Qualification
Ph.D. Politics and International Relations, La Trobe University
B.Soc.Sci. International Relations, National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Area of Expertise
US-ROK’s North Korea Policy, Northeast Asian Security, Defence Policy, North Korean Provocations, Strategic and Security Studies, Statecraft


  1. I have written articles for, and been interviewed by journalists from local and international print and broadcast outlets, including: Sin Chew Daily (星洲日報), The Star, Oriental Daily (馬來西亞東方日報), Utusan Malaysia, BBC News, South China Morning Post (南華早報), China Review (中國評論新聞/中評社), Malaysia’s Astro Awani and NTV7, South Korea’s TBS eFM Radio, BBC World Service radio, and ORF Austrian National Television.
  2. Some of my latest commentaries, interview, and op-ed on China Review (12; both in Mandarin), The StarOriental Daily (in Mandarin), and BBC News.

Awards and Fellowships
2007 University Book Prize (International Relations), National University of Malaysia (UKM)
2010 Korea Foundation Field Research Fellowship
2011 Academy of Korean Studies Research Fellow

Current Research Projects

  • A member of UKM’s FRGS research group headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor Azizan Idris on “An Indigenous Framework for Southeast Asian International Relations Theory Development”. FRGS/1/2015/SS02/UKM/02/6
  • A member of UKM’s FRGS research group headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kuik Cheng-Chwee on “Re-conceptualizing “Concentric Multilateralism”: Developing a New Theory of Explaining ASEAN’s Evolving Roles for Malaysia’s Strategic Interests”. FRGS/1/2015/SS02/UKM/02/7
  • A member of UKM’s IPPTN-CLMV research group headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr. D.Ravichandran K.Dhakshinamoorthy on “Strategies of the management of water security issues in the Mekong river basin” SK-2016-003