China and the World in the New Era

Prof. Shen Dingli
13 November 2019

The 21st century is witnessing a re-emerging China who is expected to gain the status of a global co-superpower by the year 2030s. This is the direct result of Beijing’s past four decades of extensive reform, opening up, and active engagement with the world at large. Prof Shen Dingli will provide us with a review of these remarkable accomplishments. China, Prof Shen explains, is indebted to the international community’s assistance and partnership that enabled the Chinese to achieve these astounding progresses. Moving forward, the PRC, in return, must continue to assume a constructive role in advancing regional peace and global prosperity. Indeed, it is to China’s national interest that Beijing remains committed to multilateralism and the defense of a rule-based world order.

About the Speaker: Prof. Shen Dingli

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