Reassessing Interdependence with China: The Evolution of Australian Economic Statecraft 

Talk Synopsis
How is Australia managing its close economic relationship with China given the increasing national security risks posed by economic interdependence? For decades, Australia enjoyed relative separation between economics and national security, but in recent years insecurities—arising from the discovery of China’s influence in its domestic politics, an economic coercion campaign, and pandemic-induced supply shocks—have triggered a reassessment. Many within the Australian system believe that interdependence with China carries sustained geopolitical risk, and certain policy changes have followed in specific domains such as information and communications technology infrastructure and critical mineral supply chains. Overall, trade between the two economies remains robust. This presentation will explain the major shift in Australia’s thinking, the modest shift in policy, and what it says about geoeconomic trends in the region and around the world. 

Speaker’s Profile
Dr. Darren Lim is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations at the Australian National University, and host of the “Australia in the World” podcast. He researches in the field of international relations, at the intersection of economics, security, and global governance. His major research interests focus on geoeconomics (including economic coercion and technology competition), grand strategy and international order, and Australian foreign policy. Dr. Lim received his PhD from Princeton University. Initially trained in law and economics, he previously worked as Associate to the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, a corporate lawyer, and researcher at International Crisis Group in Brussels.

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