China-US / US-China Relations / Big Powers

HOO Chiew Ping

2017, April 04
Xi-Trump Summit could move Korean Peninsula problem forward“, China Review News Agency (Commentary, Mandarin)

Peter T.C. CHANG

2018, February 05
China’s Confucian push“, The Straits Times (Opinion, English)

2017, 21 December
Beijing human rights forum shows Xi Jinping’s Chinese dream is ready to become the Asian dream“, The South China Morning Post (Opinion, English)

2017, February 28
Panelist: BBC World Service: Talking Business

2017, February 07
On the belt and road, the Chinese civilisation is on the march”South China Morning Post (Opinion, English)

2017, January 26
Fissures beneath one belt initiative”, The Sun Daily (Opinion, English)

2017, January 25
The civilisational fissures beneath China’s OBOR”, The Malay Mail (Opinion, English)


Malaysia, Malaysia-Big Power Relations

Peter T.C. CHANG

2018, October 28
Amid growing suspicion of Beijing, the world needs the wisdom of Chinese scholarship – and so does China“, The South China Morning Post (Opinion, English)

2018, August 01
Mahathir’s new Malay dilemma: table poverty among the majority without excluding others, particularly the Chinese“, The South China Morning Post (Opinion, English)

2018, June 16
How China Lost Sight of Malaysia’s Changes” The Diplomat (Opinion, English)

2018, May 11
Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia are celebrating China’s Rise – but as multicultural Malaysians, not Chinese“, The South China Morning Post (Opinion, English)

2017, January 31
Civilisational fault lines could unravel grand vision”, New Straits Times (Commentary, English)

KUIK Cheng Chwee

2017, January 02
Weaker-State Diplomacy”, Sin Chew Jit Poh (Opinion, Mandarin)

2017, January 03
Themes in Smaller-State Strategies”, Sin Chiew Jit Poh (Opinion, Mandarin)

2015, December 06
Malaysia’s Balancing Act”, International New York Times (Opinion, English)


North Korea

HOO Chiew Ping

2017, April 27
China Review: “China and US will not allow the Korean War (to happen)”, interview by journalist at the China Review News Agency (Interview, Mandarin)

2017, April 01
Oriental Daily:”[Malaysia-DPRK Crisis] IR scholar: Malaysia is constrained by North Korea“, interview by journalist at Malaysia’s Oriental Daily (Interview, Mandarin)

2017, March 09
Malaysia and North Korea – A Friendship on Ice”, BBC News (Opinion, English)

2017, February 26
The Star. “Dicing with Deadly Diplomacy”. By Habib. S. The Star (Interview, English)