Senior Lecturer, Department of Strategic Studies Faculty of Defence Studies and Management National Defence University Malaysia

Dr. Tharishini Krishnan is a senior lecturer at the Department of Strategic Studies, Faculty of Defence Studies and Management, National Defence University Malaysia. She did her first degree in International Relations in 2005 and furthered her Masters in Strategy and Security Analyses in 2008 at the National University of Malaysia. After joining as an academic staff at the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM), she went abroad to King’s College London in 2012 to pursue a PhD Degree on Contemporary India Research at the King’s India Institute.

In 2016- 2017, she was appointed as the fellow of Joint Chair of Derby – NDUM. She has been a member of Indian Ocean Research Group since 2017. She was 2019 ASEAN-India Youth Summit participant where she was awarded the ASEAN-India Youth Award for Malaysian category by the Government of India. Concurrently, she is a research fellow at the Centre of Defence and International Security Studies, NDUM and the head research cluster for Global Security and International Relations at her faculty. She is also the coordinator for the Master in Strategic and Defence Studies program in her department. She has also been as an invited speaker at Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MIDAS) and Maritime Department of Indonesia Defence University.

Her teaching experiences covers various areas of International Relations and Strategic Studies subjects. She also lectures the Malaysian Armed Forces Staff College (MTAT). She supervised research in the field of maritime studies and policies.




Area of Expertise

Maritime security and policy, Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific strategy

Academic Qualification

Ph.D. Social Science and Public Policy, Kings College London

M.Sc. Strategic and Security Analyses, National University Malaysia

Soc. Sci. International Relations, National University Malaysia

Selected Presentations and Publications

Tharishini, K. 2016. The Motivation of Malaysia-India Maritime Security Cooperation in the Eastern Indian Ocean Region. Proceeding. 8th International Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences.

Tharishini, K. 2018. India’s Maritime Quest in the Indian Ocean. CDISS Commentary. NDUM.

Tharishini, K. 2019. Navigating Malaysia into the Indo-Pacific Stream. Samudera Magazine.

Alavi, A, B., Harun, R., & Tharishini, K. 2020. Reshaping KESBAN Concept Against Criminal Insurgency in Eastern Sabah. Journal of Defence and Security.

Ahmad Shahir & Tharishini, K. 2020. Assessing India’s Approaches in Navigating China in the Indian Ocean. Journal of Defence and Security.

Past and Current Research Project

Leader, NDUM Short Grant Project on “Organisational Behaviour of the Malaysian Maritime Agency Enforcement Agency (MMEA) and Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and its implication towards the development of maritime doctrines.” (completed).

Leader, NDUM Short Grant Project on “Analysing the Effectiveness of National Task Force in Malaysia.”

A member of NDUM Short Grant Project on “Exploring the Viability of Security and Development (KESBAN) Concept as a Model for Conflict Resolution in Eastern Sabah.”

A collaborator of NDUM’s FRGS research group headed by Assoc. Prof. Dr.. Jessica Ong on “New Integration Model of Human Dimension with Military Minds and Patriotism among Malaysian Armed Forces”. FRGS/1/2019/SS03/ UPNM/02/1.


2005-2008 JPA Study Award for Degree Program.

2012-2016 Doctoral Study Award by Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education.

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