Professor Dato‘ Dr. BA Hamzah

Prof. Dato’ Dr. BA Hamzah is a keen student of regional politics, geo-politics, maritime security, international law and law of the sea. He has conducted extensive research on the conflicting claims in the South China Sea, energy security and the global significance of strategic waterways including the Straits of Malacca. Current research includes examining the impact of China’s rise (Pax Sinica) on regional security. Prof. Dato’ Dr. BA Hamzah is in the process of completing a paper on the implications of the decline of American power (Pax Americana) and likely geo-strategic scenarios from Sino-American rivalry in the South China Sea. Other research areas include foreign policy issues, polar politics and environment (Antarctica and the Arctic); political violence in the Middle East and in Southern Philippines and ASEAN as a regional community. He has studied in Malaysia, the UK and Holland. In America, he atattended Tufts and Harvard University. He has served as visiting scholar at Lauterpacht Centre of International Law, Cambridge University. Dr. BA Hamzah has worked with Institute of South East Asian Studies (ISEAS) Singapore, United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) at Hiroshima and Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) at Jeddah. Locally, he has served MINDEF, University Science Malaysia (USM), Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS Malaysia), Maritime Institute of Malaysia (MIMA), Petronas, Accenture, University Malaya (UM), and he is currently with the National Defence University. Over the years, he has written a couple of books and articles.