Dr. Hoo Chiew Ping


(Editor) 2020. The New Southern Policy: Catalyst for Deepening ASEAN-ROK Relations. Kuala Lumpur: Institute of Strategic & International Studies, Malaysia.

Journal Article

Hoo, Chiew Ping. 2017. “The Impact of East Asian Security Challenges on Southeast Asia”, in Special Issue on Security Architecture under Threat: The Status of Multilateral Fora, Panorama 2017(2): 47-62.

Selected Policy Briefs

1.     Hoo, Chiew Ping. 2018, February. Southeast Asia and the DPRK: Constraints of Engagement. ASEAN Focus. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies ISEAS–Yusof Ishak Institute. Link

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Special Issue Editor:

“New Southern Policy beyond the Pandemic: Revitalizing connectivity, Reinvigorating multi-track cooperation”, ISIS Forcus, 4/2020 No. 14, ISIS Malaysia. https://www.isis.org.my/2020/11/16/isis-focus-4-2020-no-14/ 

Conference papers:

1. Hoo, Chiew Ping. 2018. “Ongoing, frozen and looming conflicts in the Asia-Pacific: A Southeast Asian Perspective”, the 19th Foreign Policy Conference: The Asia-Pacific Conflict Zone, Berlin, Germany: Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, 21-22 June 2018. Conference Proceeding (Link).

2. Hoo, Chiew Ping. 2018. “Shifting dynamics on the Korean Peninsula: Kim Jong-un’s Summit Diplomacy and consequences for regional stakeholders” at the International Conference on “Building a Peaceful Korean Peninsula”, organized by the Korean Association of North Korean Studies, co-hosted by the Institute of Unification Education, Ministry of Unification and Korea Foundation, at the Westin Chosun, Seoul, 9 July 2018.

3. Hoo, Chiew Ping. 2019. “Malaysia: Current and Future Risks”, KAS Young Security Experts Network, Berlin, Germany: Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung.

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5. Hoo, Chiew Ping. 2019. “China’s policy on the Korean Peninsula: changes and continuity under Xi Jinping” in The Association for Asian Studies (AAS)-in-Asia 2019, Bangkok, Thailand.

6. Hoo, Chiew Ping. 2020. “National Perspectives on Missile Technology in the Asia-Pacific Region”, IISS Virtual Missile Dialogue Initiative Workshop, co-organized by International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) and German Federal Foreign Office.

7. Hoo, Chiew Ping. 2020. “Order, Border, and Economic Revival: A Resilient Regional Architecture in East Asia”, Special Session on Countering the Pandemic, Making a safe Region, 2020 Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation Forum, co-organized by the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS) and Korea National Diplomatic Academy (KNDA). https://www.academia.edu/45684689/Order_Border_and_Economic_Revival_A_Resilient_Regional_Architecture_in_East_Asia 


1. Hoo, Chiew Ping. 2017, 9 March. Malaysia and North Korea – a friendship on ice. BBC News. Link

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Newspaper interviews

‘With North Korea in Absentia, Malaysia Struggles Through Kim Jong Nam Trial’ by Jake Maxwell Watts and Yantoultra Ngui. Interviewed and quoted. Wall Street Journal. 22 March 2018. Link

  • ‘Kim Jong Un meets Xi Jinping: experts react’. Interviewed. NK News. Washington DC, Seoul, & London: Korea Risk Group. 28 March 2018. Link
  • ‘Hoo Chiew Ping: China-US-ROK should encourage ASEAN-DPRK economic cooperation’. In Nanyang Business Daily (Nanyang Siang Pau). 9 May 2018. Link 胡秋坪: 中美韩应敦促 东盟宜扩大与朝经合
  •  ‘North Korea’s friends in Southeast Asia are ready to return to business as usual’ by Anna Fifield. Interviewed. Washington Post. 4 June 2018. Link
  •  ‘In any Trump-Kim nuclear deal, expect both sides to claim victory’. Deutsche Presse Agentur (German Press Agency), Germany. 8 June 2018 Link
  •  ‘Kim returns to North Korea as Trump lavishes praise’ by Anna Fifield. Interviewed. Washington Post. 12 June 2018. Link
  • ‘Kim Jong Un’s New Year’s speech: experts react’ by Colin Zwirko. Interviewed. NK News. 1 January 2019. Link
  • ‘Trump-Kim Summit: US could have upped stakes, resulting in talks failing’ by Chang May Choon. Interviewed. Straits Times. 2 March 2019. Link
  •  ‘Kim Jong Un heads to Russia: why now, and what to expect? by Leo Byrne and Oliver Hotham. Interviewed. NK News. 19 April 2019. Link
  • ‘(Yonhap Feature) ASEAN researchers hopeful for deeper ties with S. Korea’ by Song Sang-ho. Interviewed. Yonhap News Agency. 23 April 2019. Link
  • ‘North Korea testing new ballistic missile ‘should concern US and shows Trump tactics failing, analysts say’ by Adam Withnall. Interviewed. The Independent. 25 July 2019. Link
  • ‘North Korea’s Missile Tests Fail to Provoke Response from Washington’ by Timothy W. Martin and Dasl Yoon. Interviewed. The Wall Street Journal. 17 August 2019. Link
  • ‘South Korea’s popular culture defines its perception in Southeast Asia’ by Elizabeth Shim. United Press International (UPI). 23 December 2019. Link
  • ‘Kim Jong Un’s plenum speech: experts react’. Interviewed. NK News. 01 January 2020. Link
  • ‘Stories of Women Security Experts Analyzing Peace in North Korea and the Korean Peninsula’ by Kim Hyung-eun (in Korean). Interviewed. BBC. 08 January 2020. Link
  • ‘S. Korea Pushes for Cooperation with North, Despite Rejection, Insults’ by William Gallo. Interviewed. Voice of America. 14 January 2020. Link
  • ‘South Korea’s Moon Still Pushing for Talks with North Korea’. Interviewed. Voice of America. 17 January 2020. Link
  • ‘North Korea says: not one single person has caught Coronavirus but can we trust its numbers?’ by Adam Withnall. Interviewed. The Independent. 03 April 2020. Link
  • ‘Analysis: Engaging with the Hermit Kingdom’ by Dina Murad. Interviewed. The Star Online. 01 May 2020. Link
  • ‘It was easy to get swept up in it all’: Two years after Singapore, how hopes faded for Trump’s approach to North Korea’ by Adam Withnall. Interviewed. The Independent. 12 June 2020. Link

TV Appearance and Radio interviews

·       Live interview through phone. BBC World Service (radio), London. 21 February 2017.

·       Guest speaker. “Malaysia-North Korea Ties Frayed by Assassination”, on Tbs eFM Primetime, Republic of Korea. 24 February 2017. Link

·       Guest speaker. “Agenda AWANI – Konflik hubungan Korea Utara – Malaysia selesai”, on Astro Awani, Malaysia. 31 March 2017. Link

·       Guest speaker. “Global Watch Topic: US-North Korea: war on the edge?“, 环球透视 Global Watch, on NTV7, Malaysia 15 August 2017.

·       Interviewed for Documentary. ‘The Year Ahead 2018: East Asia’. EP1. A Channel News Asia year-end TV program, on Channel News Asia, Singapore. 26 December 2017.

·       Guest speaker. “Inter-Korean reconciliation and the Panmunjom Declaration”, Global Watch program, on 8TV channel, Malaysia. Media Corp. 5 February 2018. Link

Guest speaker. ‘Who will host Trump-Kim meet?’. BFM Radio: the business radio station. 7 May 2018. Link

·       Live interview through Skype. Newsday, on BBC World News, London & Singapore. 28 May 2018. Link

·   Guest speaker. “Trump-Kim Summit and the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”, Global Watch program, on 8TV channel, Malaysia. 12 June 2018. Link

·   Live interview through Skype. Airang World, on Arirang TV, Seoul. 18 September 2018. Link

·   Live interview through Skype. Airang World, on Arirang TV, Seoul. 19 September 2018. Link

·   Live interview through Skype. ‘The Third Moon-Kim Summit’ Live on CGTN Asia Today, on CGTN (China Global Television Network), Beijing. 19 September 2018.

·   Studio interview. AWANI Global: Pasca Sidang Kemuncak Antara Korea, on Astro Awani. 20 September 2018. Link

·       Radio live. AiFM, on 爱FM 爱谈天下事 (AiFM program: Let’s talk about world affairs).《开讲天下议题》:回顾2018年国际局势 (World Affairs issue: A review of international relations in 2018). 27 December 2018. Link

·       Radio live. BFM 89.9: The Business Station. ‘South Korean President Moon Jae-In is making an official visit to Malaysia, the second stop on his tour around the ASEAN region’. 13 March 2019. Link

·       Radio live. BFM 89.9: The Business Station. ‘Shangri La Dialogue, it’s no paradise’. 06 April 2019. Link

·       Interviewed for Documentary. ‘Karaoke Chemist | Al Jazeera Investigations, on Al Jazeera, 2 May 2019. Video Link, Report Link 1, Report Link 2

·       Live interview through AWANI Global: Masa depan rundingan penyahnuklearan on Astro Awani, 28 September 2019. Link

·       Radio live. BFM 89.9: The Business Station. ‘Morning Brief: Collateral Damage in a Great Power Struggle’ 4 December 2019. Link

·       Radio live. Radio Free Asia-Washington DC. ‘Trump needs to pressure North Korea over launching short-range missiles’. 24 March 2020. Link

·       Interviewed for VietNam TV. ‘Malaysian experts highly appreciated Vietnam as ASEAN Chair’, on VietNam TV, 22 July 2020. Link

·      Live interview through AWANI Global: Laut China Selatan – Awas perangkap kuasa besar, selesai ikut undang-undang on Astro Awani, 14 August 2020. Link

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