Dr. Muthiah ALAGAPPA
Ph.D. (Tufts)

Asian Security, Political Legitimacy, Civil Society and Political Change, Political Role of the Military in Asia
Dr. ANDIKA Ab. Wahab
Ph.D. (UM)
International Migration & Human Rights, Human Security, Corporate Anthropology, The Politics of Sustainability
  Dr. NOR AZIZAN Idris
Ph.D. (Aberystwyth)
Foreign Policy, International Organizations
  Dr. Guido BENNY
Ph.D. (National University of Malaysia)
Multilateralism, Regionalism, Public Diplomacy, Quantitative Methods
  Dr. Peter CHANG Thiam Chai
Ph.D. (Harvard)
Comparative Philosophy & Religion (Confucianism, Christianity, Buddhism, Daoism, Islam), China Soft Power
  Dr. CHIN Kok Fay
Ph.D. (National Cheng Kung University)
International Political Economy, Development Economics, Trade and Industrialisation, Financial Globalisation
Dr. HOO Chiew Ping
Ph.D. (La Trobe)
South Korean Foreign Policy, North Korean Provocations, IR Theory, Korea-Southeast Asia Relations
  Dr. HO Ying Chan
Ph.D. (New South Wales)
Ph.D. Researcher (Aberdeen)
Latin American Studies, International Relations, Security of Small Countries
Ph.D. (British Columbia)
Malaysian Politics & Foreign Relations, Southeast Asian Politics, Southeast Asian Regionalism, Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia
Dr. Andrew KAM Jia Yi
Ph.D. (ANU)
International Trade, International Production Fragmentation, Productivity Growth, Economic Development, Applied Econometrics
  Tan Sri Datuk Dr. KAMAL Salih
Ph.D. (Pennsylvania)
Economics, Development, Regionalism, International Political Economy
Ph.D. (Lancaster)
National Security, Conflict and Political Violence, Religious Militancy
  Dr. KARTINI Aboo Talib @  Khalid
Ph.D (Northeastern)
Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Public Law
Dr. Tharishini KRISHNAN
Ph.D (King’s College London)
Maritime security and policy, Indian Ocean and Indo-Pacific strategy
  Dr. KUIK Cheng Chwee
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins)
Small States, Alignment Behaviour, Regional Multilateralism
Ms. Ivy KWEK
M.A. (University of London)
Defence and Strategic Planning, International Relations, ASEAN and Southeast Asia, Malaysian Foreign Policy, Humanitarian Affairs, Sustainable Development, Public Policy and Governance
  Ms. Ithrana LAWRENCE
M.Soc.Sc. (National University of Malaysia)
Small-State Foreign Policy, Southeast Asian International Relations
  Mr. MUEIN Abadi
M.Sc. (Utrecht)
International Relations Theory, Political Philosophy, Southeast Asian Politics
  Dr. K. S. NATHAN
Ph.D. (Claremont)
U.S. Foreign Policy, ASEAN-Major Power relations, Malaysian Politics and Foreign Relations, Asia-Pacific Security, Southeast Asian Security
Dr. Peter NGEOW Chow Bing
Ph.D. (Northeastern)
China-Southeast Asia Relations, China’s Political Reforms, Organization and Management of the Chinese Communist Party
  Mr. NGUI Yew Kit @ Clarence
M.A. (University of Malaya); Ph.D. Candidate
Thai History, Chinese in Southeast Asian History, Business and Economic History of Malaysia and Southeast Asia
Ph.D. (National University of Malaysia)
China’s Security and External Policies
  Dato’ Dr. RASHILA Ramli
Ph.D. (Northern Arizona)
Political Development, Gender and Global Governance, Human Security
  Dr. D. Ravichandran K.DHAKSHINAMOORTHY
Ph.D. (Malaya)
Bioethics; ASEAN; Resource Security
Dr. Abdul RAZAK Ahmad
Ph.D. (Leeds)
ASEAN, counter-terrorism, legal policy, national security 
Datuk Dr. RUHANIE Bin Ahmad
Ph.D. (UKM)

Malaysia-U.S. Foreign Policy, Malaysia’s Security Management, Malaysia’s Federal Constitution
Ph.D. (Columbia)
Politics of Environmental Scarcity & National Security, Water & Energy Security, Foreign & Defence Policy
  Dr. SUFIAN Jusoh
Lincoln’s Inn, Barrister-At-Law; LL.B (Wales), LL.M (Lond.); Dr. Iur (Bern)
International Trade and Development, International Investment Policy, International Law and Economic Law
Ph.D. (Universiti Sains Malaysia)
Political Thought, Democratization, Politics of Reform
  Dr. TANG Siew Mun
Ph.D. (Arizona)
Asian Security, ASEAN-Major Power Relations, Japanese Foreign Policy
  Dato’ Dr. ZAKARIA Haji Ahmad
Ph.D. (MIT)
Malaysian Politics and Foreign Relations, Asia-Pacific Security, Civil-Military Relations