Datuk Dr RUHANIE Bin Ahmad

Datuk Dr RUHANIE Bin Ahmad



Academic Qualification

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Sciences (Strategic and Security Analysis), National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Master in Social Sciences (Strategic and Security Analysis), National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Area of Expertise

Malaysia-US Foreign Policy, Malaysia’s Security Management in the South China Sea, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Malaysia’s Federal Constitution, Identity Security

Selected Publications

Selected Published Books

Ruhanie Ahmad. 2007. Gelombang Kuning Gelombang Rakyat. Kuala Lumpur: Sabbens Sdn Bhd.

Ruhanie Ahmad. 2007. HINDRAF Satu Konspirasi? Kuala Lumpur: Sabbens Sdn Bhd.

Ruhanie Ahmad. 2007. The Toyol Code. Kuala Lumpur: Sabbens Sdn Bhd.

Ruhanie Ahmad. 2006. Mahathir Menyinga. Kuala Lumpur: Pancawarna Enterprise.

Ruhanie Ahmad. 2005. Patriotisme Malaysia: Penangkis Neo-Imperialisme. Kuala Lumpur: Utusan Publication & Distribution Sdn Bhd.

Books in Progress

The Making of New Malaysia and the Fall of Pakatan Harapan

Dasar Luar Malaysia-AS 1957-2020

Malaysia-US Foreign Policy 1957-2020

Selected Book Chapters and Publications

Ruhanie Ahmad. Chapter 3: Defence Strategy. Malaysia’s Defence White Paper, tabled in the Malaysian Parliament on December 2, 2019.

Pengurusan Keselamatan Malaysia: Aktor, Struktur, dan Proses. LIFEWAYS International Journal of Society, Development and Environment in the Developing World, Volume 2, Issue 2, May 2018, pp.44-58.

Selected Presentations

Ruhanie Ahmad. Isu Keselamatan Malaysia Di Laut China Selatan Di Era Mahathir 1.0. Forum Strategik IRIS Institute, Bangi, 2 Februari 2020.

Ruhanie Ahmad. Cambodia-China Political and Security Cooperation in the BRI Era: A Neoclassical Realist Perspective. The First Annual Cambodia-China Cooperation Forum on Cambodia-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Toward A Community With A Shared Future: We Grow Together; organised by the International Relations Institute of Cambodia (IRIC), Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC); in cooperation with and funded by National Institute for Global Strategy (NIGS), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Siem Reap City, Kingdom of Cambodia, December 7, 2019.


Datuk Ruhanie has written numerous articles for the New Straits Times and Uutsan Malaysia.

Selected Professional Positions

Chairman, MARA (1998-2000)

Secretary, CPA Southeast Asia (2000-2004)

Committee Member, CPA Constitutional Amendment (1998-1999)

Committee Member, NECC II (1998-2000)

Committee Member, NEAC (2000-2004)

Deputy Chairman, Bumiputera ICT Council (2000-2003)

Deputy, DWP Technical Team (2019)

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