Distinguished Fellow, Malaysian Institute of Defence and Security (MiDAS)
Distinguished Fellow, Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations (IDFR)
Principal Fellow, Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), National University of Malaysia (UKM)

Prof. Dr. K.S. Nathan is currently a Principal Fellow in the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi. He holds a B.A. Hons. (Class 2 Upper) in History from the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur (1971); Ph.D. in International Relations from Claremont Graduate University in California, USA (1975); LL.B. Hons (Class 2 Upper) from the University of London (1992), Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP) from the Legal Profession Qualifying Board, Malaysia [April 1996], and LL.M. from the University of London [November 1996]. He is also a college-trained teacher (Malaysian Teachers College-Regional Training Centre, Kuala Lumpur), having obtained a Certificate in Education (Cert.Ed.) in 1966. He was professor of International Relations in the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur from 1994-2001, Senior Fellow in the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore (2001-2007), Head of the Centre for American Studies (KAMERA) in the Institute of Occidental Studies (IKON) from April 2007 until December 2012, Deputy Director of IKON from 2008 – 2010, and Director of the Institute of Malaysian & International Studies (IKMAS) in UKM from January 2011- April 2013. He is also the current President of the Malaysian Association for American Studies (MAAS).



Academic Qualification

Ph.D. International Relations, Claremont Graduate UniversityLL.B. University of London (Hons)
LL.M. University of London
B.A. History, University of Malaya (Hons)

Area of Expertise

U.S. Foreign Policy, ASEAN-Major Power Relations, Malaysian Politics and Foreign Relations, Asia-Pacific Security, Southeast Asian Security

Selected Publications

Dr. Nathan has several publications including ten books (one as author, and nine as editor), including: Detente and Soviet Policy in Southeast Asia (1984); Trilateralism in Asia: US-Japan-ASEAN Relations (1986); American Studies in Malaysia: Current State and Future Direction (1986); North America & the Asia-Pacific in the 21st Century: Challenges & Prospects for Cooperative Security and Prosperity (1999); India and ASEAN: The Growing Partnership for the 21st Century (2000); The European Union, United States and ASEAN: Challenges and Prospects for Cooperative Engagement in the 21st Century, ASEAN Academic Press, London (2002); Islam in Southeast Asia: Political, Social and Strategic Challenges for the 21st Century (Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2005; First Reprint: 2006); and Religious Pluralism in Democratic Societies: Challenges and Prospects for Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States in the New Millennium (First published: 2007, 2nd Printing: July 2010); and numerous articles in local, regional, and international journals

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